• Bathroom suit resurfacing takes approximately two days. Preparation and masking of the area, and the varying states of disrepair are contributing factors when considering the length of a service. However, from experience, 48 hours is a good rule of thumb.

  • The bathroom should be cleared of all loose objects and toiletries.

  • Dripping taps should be remedied before having your bath resurfaced.

  • Protect your bath with a blanket if knocking off old tiles to prevent unnecessary chips.

  • Retile up to the edge of the bath but leave the silicon seal until after the bath is resurfaced.

  • Baths can be resurfaced with or without taps fitted, but need a waste in place to drain the bath as there is a lot of cleaning and flushing away to do.

  • If fitting new taps better to do after resurfacing as they may be slightly smaller than the old, leaving an uncoated exposed area, but if plumbers timing is to be considered then the new taps would be masked up.

  • Try to have your bath resurfaced before you decorate if possible, the surrounding area tiles and fittings are masked off and there is no overspray to worry about.

  • A shower cleaning and reseal service is also available.